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Devastation in Laos, The Philippines, India, and Indonesia

In less than two months, beginning in July, four big disasters have devastated areas of Asia:

  • Heavy rainfall wrecked a dam in Laos, flooding farmlands and homes of over 13,000 people many of whom are impoverished.
  • Similarly, in The Philippines rainfalls have caused severe flooding in the Capital and surrounding provinces affecting over 1.2 million.
  • In the State of Kerala, India, an unprecedented monsoon season pushed over 700,000 people to evacuate into camps where food, clean water, and safety are scarce.
  • Three earthquakes have devastated Lombok, Indonesia with 460 people dead and over 3.2 million affected. This area is home to most farmers and fisherman whose livelihoods are already insecure due to climate change

More than five million people are being affected by these disasters, most of which live in poverty. The devastation brought about by these events compounds the suffering of an already at-risk population, threatening their survival. Drinking water, food, hygiene kits, hand washing stations, shelter materials, and other relief supplies are desperately needed for the hundreds of thousands left homeless. We urgently need your assistance so that we may reach as many of these families as possible.

Please donate to CADIS USA so we may help those who need it most. Please pray for those affected by the disasters, and our emergency relief teams who are already in place.


May God bless you for your generosity and on behalf of CADIS International and CADIS USA, we thank you for your support.